Dynamic analysis of stepped composite cylindrical shells surrounded by Pasternak elastic foundations based on the continuous element method

Le Thi Bich Nam, Nguyen Manh Cuong, Thinh Ich Tran, Le Quang Vinh


This research presents a continuous element model for solving vibration problems of stepped composite cylindrical shells surrounded by Pasternak foundations with various boundary conditions. Based on the First Order Shear Deformation Theory (FSDT), the equations of motion of the circular cylindrical shell are introduced and the dynamic stiffness matrix is obtained for each segment of the uniform shell. The interesting assembly procedure of continuous element method (CEM) is adopted to analyze the dynamic behavior of the stepped composite cylindrical shell surrounded by an elastic foundation. Free vibrations and harmonic responses of different configurations of stepped composite cylindrical shells on elastic foundations are examined. Effects of structural parameters, stepped thickness and elastic foundations on the free vibration responses of stepped composite cylindrical shells are also presented. Comparisons with previously published results and finite element (FE) analyses show that the proposed technique saves data storage volume and calculating time, and is accurate and efficient for widening the studied frequency range.


stepped shell; vibration of cylindrical shell; composite shell; elastic foundation; Pasternak foundation; continuous element method; dynamic stiffness method

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