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Immersed boundary method combined with proper generalized decomposition for simulation of a flexible filament in a viscous incompressible flow

Cuong Q. Le, H. Phan-Duc, Son H. Nguyen


In this paper, a combination of the Proper Generalized  Decomposition (PGD) with the Immersed Boundary method (IBM) for solving  fluid-filament interaction problem is proposed. In this combination, a  forcing term constructed by the IBM is introduced to Navier-Stokes equations  to handle the influence of the filament on the fluid flow. The PGD is  applied to solve the Poission's equation to find the fluid pressure  distribution for each time step. The numerical results are compared with  those by previous publications to illustrate the robustness and  effectiveness of the proposed method.


Immersed boundary method; fluid-structure interaction; proper generalized decomposition

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