Estimates for the elastic moduli of 2D aggregate of hexagonal-shape orthorhombic crystals with in-plane random crystalline orientations

Vuong Thi My Hanh, Le Hoai Chau, Vu Lam Dong, Pham Duc Chinh


Numerical finite element simulations on the homogenization problem for large samples of particular 2D hexagonal-shape-geometry random orientation aggregates from the base crystals of orthorhombic symmetry have been performed. At sufficiently large random-aggregate samples, the scatter intervals of the macroscopic 2D bulk and shear elastic moduli converge toward the Voigt-Reuss-Hill bounds, and then our recently constructed theoretical estimates, which have been specified for the aggregates.


effective elastic moduli; random cell polycrystal; 2D orthorhombic crystal

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