Some di- and triterpenes of Wedelia urticaefolia (Bl.) (Asteraceae)

Nguyen Kim Phi Phung et al


Wedelia urticaefolia Bl. DC. (Vietnamese name Sơn cúc nhám) has not yet been chemically studied. From leaves of this plant, four compounds were isolated: phytol (1), 3β-O-acetyl-b-amyrin (2), 3-O-tetradecanoylurs-12-ene-16β-ol (3), ent-kaur-16-ene-19-oic acid (4) and from the flowers, three compounds were isolated: b-amyrin (5), stigmasterol (6) and 3-O-tetradecanoylurs-12-ene-16β-ol (3). Their chemical structures were established by spectroscopic analysis.