Preparation of some new benzo[d]thiazole derivatives

Duong Quoc Hoan, Vu Thi Anh Tuyet, Le Thanh Duong, Nguyen Hien


In this work, four new benzo[d]thiazole derivatives were synthesized successfully from vanillin. Nitration of vanillin gave nitrovanillin followed by cyclization reaction with o-aminothiophenol under microwave irradiation in 4 minutes to give nitroaromatic compound 3. The reduction to convert the nitro group to amino group was optimized. It was found that Fe/ con. HCl in ethanol was the best condition for this case about both yield (~95 %) and simple procedure to give compound 4 as a salt. Acetylation occurs at both phenolic hydroxyl group and amino group of the salt 4 to form N,O-acetyl compound 5. Under mild hydrolysis 5 produces N-acetyl compound 6. The structures of these compounds were established by IR, 1H and 13C NMR and mass spectral analyses.

Keywords. benzo[d]thiazole, vanillin, reduction, microwave.


Benzo[d]thiazole, vanillin, reduction, microwave

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