Vol 36, No 1se (2014)

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A comparison of invasive capabilities between Edwardsiella ictaluri and Aeromonas hydrophila on Pangasius hypophthalmus PDF
Tran Hanh Triet, Vu Thi Thanh Huong, Bui Thi Thanh Tinh, Le Van Hau, Tran Thanh Tieng, Nguyen Quoc Binh 1-7
Development of a multiplex PCR protocol for the detection of several bacteria causing acute diarrhea in pig PDF
Nguyen Tuan Anh, Nguyen Thi Minh Tam, Trinh Thị Thanh Huyen, Ngo Quang Huong, Phi Thi Thu Hien, Nguyen Thi Hoang 8-14
A study on creating an attenuated Aeromonas hydrophila mutant strain by knocking out aroA gene PDF
Truong Ngoc Thuy Lien, Vu Thi Thanh Huong, Tran Thanh Tieng, Nguyen Quoc Binh 15-21
Evaluation of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in Binh Duong province by Elisa and RT-PCR PDF
Truong Thi Diem Hang, Nguyen Ngoc Hai 22-27
Study on phenol biodegradation of the bacterial strain DX3 isolated from wastewater collected in petroleum storage tanks in Do Xa, Hanoi PDF
Vu Thi Thanh, Le Thi Nhi Cong 28-33
Isolating, evaluating and optimizing lignocellulosic decomposition of various microbial strains PDF
Nguyen Ngo Yen Ngoc, Luong Bao Uyen, Bui Minh Tri 34-41
A study on the development and applications of polyclonal antibody for the detection of Helicobacter pylori in serum and saliva PDF
Diep The Tai, Do Hong Phuoc, Le Thi Tuyet Nga, Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan, Tran Anh Tuyet 42-46
A study on screening of cholesterol-lowering lactic acid bacteria PDF
Duong Nhat Linh, Le Thi Anh Thien, Pham Tran Phuong Dung, Pham Thi Minh Trang, Nguyen Van Minh, Tran Cat Dong 47-53
A study on refolding recombinant human leptin protein from Escherichia coli inclusion body PDF
Le Mai Huong Xuan, Dang Thi Phuong Thao, Tran Linh Thuoc 54-61
Performance evaluation of the nanoquant real-time HCV assay for quantitation of hepatitis C virus RNA by real-time RT-PCR PDF
Nguyen Hoang Chuong, Doan Chinh Chung, Do Minh Si, Pham Hung Van 62-69
A study on cloning and expression of a fragment of DFNB59 gene encoding human pejvakin in Escherichia coli PDF
Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc, Kazutada Watanabe, Manabu Toyoshima, Yasushi Shimoda 70-76
A study on constructing and screening of multi-copy pdgf recombinant Pichia pastoris clones producing high yield of PDGF-BB (platelet derived growth factor BB) PDF
Vuong Cat Khanh, Ngo Thi Huyen Trang, Nguyen Pham Phuong Thanh, Dang Thi Phuong Thao, Tran Linh Thuoc 77-83
A study on isolating the endosymbiotic fungi from the roots of Taxus wallichiana Zucc in Lac Duong, Lam Dong province and surveying the suitable medium for the researched fungi PDF
Dam Sao Mai, Vo Trung Au 84-89
A study on using strong promoter Pgrac212 to enhance the secretional expression of reporter alpha-amylase in Bacillus subtilis PDF
Huynh Kieu Thanh, Phan Thi Phuong Trang, Tran Linh Thuoc, Nguyen Duc Hoang 90-96
Isolation and identification of factors affecting antimicrobial compound production of Lactobacillus plantarum PDF
Le Ngoc Thuy Trang, Pham Minh Nhut 97-106
Affect on biosynthesis of laccase from Pleurotus sp. by some metal ions PDF
Nguy Thi Mai Thao, Tran Van Khue, Luong Bao Uyen 107-111
The role of transcriptional activator Mg-XlnR in regulation of xylanases, cellulases and virulence of the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae PDF
Nguyen Bao Quoc, Nguyen Ngoc Bao Chau 112-119
Enhancing expression of recombinant fimbrial adhesin K88 isolated of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli from piglet PDF
Nguyen Hoang Loc, Nguyen Thi Khanh Quynh, Hoang Tan Quang, Tran Thuy Lan, Le My Tieu Ngoc, Dinh Thi Bich Lan, Phung Thang Long 120-125
The selection of the lactic acid bacteria forbiomass production in nursing striped catfish PDF
Nguyen Thanh Tam, Duong Thi Be Ba, Le Van Toan, Nguyen Van Ba 126-129
Optimization of medium composition for recombinant nattokinase production from Bacillus subtillis by using response surface methodology PDF
Tran Quoc Tuan, Nguyen Thi Thu Kieu, Le Thi Thuy Ai, Dinh Minh Hiep, Tran Cat Dong 130-137
Study on species composition of parasite in striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthamus Sauvage, 1878) based on morphological and genetic characters PDF
Vu Dang Ha Quyen, Dang Thuy Binh, Dao Thi Han Ly, Pham Thi Dieu Anh 138-144
A study on root cultures of Hemigraphis glaucescens C. B. Clarke for betuline production PDF
Quach Ngo Diem Phuong, Vu Thi Bach Phuong, Giong Hoi Khoanh, Tran Ngoc Trung, Bui Van Le 145-151
Study on the antifungal effect of silver nano particle-chitosan prepared by irradiation method on Phytophthora capsici causing the blight disease on pepper plant PDF
Le Quang Luan, Nguyen Huynh Phuong Uyen, Phan Ho Giang 152-157
A study on biological characteristics of hybrid of Lentinula edodes from a wildstrain (Langbiang mountain, Lam Dong) and a commercial one (Japan) PDF
Pham Nu Kim Hoang, Truong Binh Nguyen, Le Xuan Tham, Pham Huu Hung, Hoang Ngoc Anh, Do Thi Thien Ly 158-164
Effects of single and combined inoculations of Trichoderma viride and Bacillus strains on growth of peanut and biological control of Fusarium sp. and Pythium sp. PDF
Nguyen Van Minh, Nguyen Long Ho, Pham Thi Thuy Nhung, Vo Ngoc Yen Nhi, Dan Duy Phap, Duong Nhat Linh 165-172
Screening of endophytes from rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) for biological control of Corynespora cassiicola PDF
Nguyen Van Minh, Mai Huu Phuc, Vo Ngoc Yen Nhi, Duong Nhat Linh, Nguyen Anh Nghia 173-179
A study on population genetic structure of Sardinella gibbosa Bleeker, 1849 (Clupeiformes: Clupeidae) in the coastal area of Vietnam PDF
Dang Thuy Binh, Nguyen Thi Bao Chau, Bui Kim Ly 180-188
A study on genetic structure of giant clam (Tridacna spp.) (Tridacninae) population in south central and southern Vietnam’s coast PDF
Nguyen Thi Anh Thu, Dang Thuy Binh, Chau Thi My Linh 189-194
Cryopreservation of the germinal vesicle stage bovine oocytes by using vitrification method in straws and microdrops PDF
Nguyen Thi Thuong Huyen, Lam Son Bich Tram, Nguyen Quoc Dat, Hoang Nghia Son, Phan Kim Ngoc 195-202
Study on the ability of extracts from Cordyceps spp. biomass to prevent memory impairment in mice PDF
Dang Hoang Quyen, Tran Thi Hoang Yen, Vo Thi Xuyen, Dinh Minh Hiep, Truong Binh Nguyen 203-208
Experimental research on evaluating differentiation ability of adipose- derived mesenchymal stem cells into hepatocyte- like cells in vitro PDF
Nguyen Thi Kim Nguyen, Truong Hai Nhung, Mai Thi Trang, Nguyen Hai Nam, Pham Van Phuc 209-215
A study on cloning, expressing and investigating biological activity of recombinant chicken interferon produced from yeast Pichia pastoris PDF
Vo Thi Minh Tam, Nguyen Thi Thanh Giang, Nguyen Dang Quan, Nguyen Quoc Binh 216-225
Two methods for culture of apical papilla stem cells from immature human tooth PDF
Tran Le Bao Ha 226-231
A study on the expresion patterns of GmHK06 and GmRR34 upon water deficit in Mtd777-2 and DT20 PDF
Hoang Thi Lan Xuan, Nguyen Ho Thuy Dung, Nguyen Binh Anh Thu, Nguyen Phuong Thao 232-236
Using bioinformatic tools to identify new Methylketone Synthase 2 (MKS2) genes in the currant tomato Solanum pimpinellifolium PDF
Mai Huynh Hanh Phuc, Dinh Minh Hiep, Nguyen Thi Hong Thuong 237-243
Studies on expression of transciptional factor genes GmNAC092, GmNAC083 and GmNAC057 in response to drought stress of two soybean varieties Williams 82 and Mtd777-2 for enhancing drought tolerance by genetic engineering PDF
Nguyen Binh Anh Thu, Hoang Thi Lan Xuan, Nguyen Phuong Thao 244-249
A study on effects of organic compounds on the growth and development of Paphiopedilum delenatii in vitro PDF
Nguyen Thi Cuc, Nguyen Van Ket, Duong Tan Nhut, Nguyen Thi Kim Ly 250-256
Optimization of genetic transformation of orchid (Dendrobium Sonia) mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens PDF
Nguyen Xuan Dung, Duong Hoa So, Chu Hoang Ha 257-265
A study on effects of plant growth regulators on the morphogenesis of Hibiscus sagittifolius Kurz under in vitro conditions PDF
Phan Duy Hiep, Nguyen Tri Minh, Phan Xuan Huyen, Cao Dinh Hung, Dinh Van Khiem, Nguyen Thi Thanh Hang 266-271
Using in vitro stem node cutting method in propagation of Paphiopedilum delenatii PDF
Vu Quoc Luan, Nguyen Phuc Huy, Do Khac Thinh, Duong Tan Nhut 272-276
Direct somatic embryogenesis from leaf, petiole and rhizome explant of Panax vietnamensis Ha et Grushv. PDF
Vu Thi Hien, Vu Quoc Luan, Nguyen Phuc Huy, Nguyen Ba Nam, Bui Van The Vinh, Thai Xuan Du, Duong Tan Nhut 277-282
Characteristics of gene encoding coat protein isolated from soybean mosaic virus PDF
Lo Thi Mai Thu, Hoang Ha, Le Van Son, Chu Hoang Ha, Chu Hoang Mau 283-292
Study on obtaining of hairy root of Panax vietnamensis by using rol gene transformation via Agrobacterium rhizogenes PDF
Ha Thi Loan, Duong Hoa Xo, Nguyen Quoc Binh, Nguyen Hoang Quan, Vu Thi Dao, Nathalie Pawlicki-Jullian, Eric Gontier 293-300
Quality assessment of biomass residues from sugar cane, cassava and the efficacy of pretreatment technique to converse into bioethanol PDF
Nguyen Van Vinh, Bui Minh Tri, Hyeun Jong Bae 301-306

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