Studying identification and cultivation Macrocybe titans., a new record species for Vietnam collecting in Cat Tien National Park south of Vietnam

Vu Dinh Duy


There are 7 species of Genus Macrocybe Pegler recorded in the world. These include: Macrocybe crassa, M. gigantean, M. lobayensis, M. pachymeres, M. praegrandis, M. spectabilis, M. titans. Most of species in this genus are edible; some species have studied culture technology example M. crassa and M. gigantean. In Vietnam there are not a lots of stydies about this genus expecialy cultivation, only two species were recorded: M. crassa and M. gigantean. This study describes the third species of this genus for Viet Nam is M. titans which was collected in Cat Tien National Park, the world natural biosphere reserve of Vietnam. We also study about cultivation of this species in labortary of fungi in Cat Tien National Park. Our researches inmorphology showed that specimens collected in Cat tien National park are similar with Pegler about description of M. titans. Our molecular biology analyze at gene 28S-ribosomal RNA also showed that sequence of speciments collected in Cat Tien National Park have hight similar to the sequence of other species in genus Macrocybe Pegler. from Genbank.

Our cultivation researchs also show that mycelium of M. titans can grows very well in PGA medium including potato, glucose, and agar. We found the best recipes of medium for fruitbody cultivation: sawdust,straw and added nutrient. This result gives a good opportunitite for commercial culture this species in Viet Nam.


Macrocybe, Macrocybe titans, Gene 28S-ribosomal RNA, Tricholomataceae


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Published by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology