Influence of two foods on size and ovipositional capacity of Micraspis discolor Fabricius, 1798

Pham Quynh Mai


Experiments showed that foods of plant and animal origin differently influenced on the size of stages in Micraspis discolor life cycle. Fed on Aphis craccivora, adult females laid bigger eggs and larvae, pupae and emerged adults were larger in size in comparison with those fed pollen of Bidens plant. The fecundity in adult females fed on Aphis craccivora was also higher than those fed on Bidens plant pollen, viz. averagely 117.9 ± 5.9 eggs in 10.45 ± 0.56 times versus 18.5 ± 4.15 eggs in 2.16 ± 0.47 times. Longevity after ovipositor in females fed on Aphis craccivora was on an average 31.72 days.

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