Antimicrobial resistance of Streptococcus suis

Le Hong Thuy Tien, Vu Thi Thuy Linh, Nguyen Bao Quoc


Streptococcus suis is one of the dangerous pathogens causing  huge effects in the swine industry. This pathogen can be transmitted from pigs to humans and induce  meningitis, pneumonia, septicemia and even mortality. Currently, uncontrolled antibiotic use is considered as a potential risk of increase  S. suis resistance. This review will provide recent information of antibiotic resistance of S. suis in worldwide and Vietnam, as well as its molecular mechanisms that could be useful for effective prevention and  treatment.



Streptococcus suis, antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance, pathogen, resistant genes


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Published by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology