First records of the genus Leptophion Cameron (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Ophioninae) from Vietnam

Pham Thi Nhi, Khuat Dang Long, Cao Thi Kim Thu, Cao Thi Quynh Nga, Hoang Vu Tru, Pham Van Phu, Le My Hanh


The genus Leptophion is recorded for the first time from Vietnam, including new records of three species, viz. L. giganteus Shimizu & Watanabe, L. maculipennis (Cameron) and L. radiatus (Uchida), for the country. The comparative morphological and pictorial characters of Vietnamese specimens were given. In addition, variations and in-country distribution of newly recorded species were also provided.



Ichneumonoidea, new records, parasitoids, taxonomy, wasps.


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