Effect of some phyto flavonoid and terpenoid on proline metabolism of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus: Inhibitory mechanism and interaction with molecular docking simulation

Hoai Van Thi TRAN, Hong Minh Thi PHAM, Quoc Long PHAM, Tien Lam DO, Viet Hai HA, Thuy Huong Thi LE, Duc Anh LE, Minh Quan PHAM


Proline dehydrogenase (PDH) plays an important role in protein self-organization through regulating the proline accumulation. Recently, the inhibition of PDH enzyme has been attracting research interest as a novel therapy for drug development with anti-bacterial effect. Four phyto flavonoids and terpenoids were tested for inhibiting effect against Vibrio parahaemolyticus. All studied compounds exhibited promising anti-bacterial effect in which compound 4 proved to have the highest inhibitory percentage (82.5%). Molecular docking analysis shed light on the mechanism of action of tested compounds through interacting with key residues of PDH enzyme within the active site. High correlation between dock score and experimental data (R2 = 0.8014) suggest this model could be use for further study in predicting potential bioactive compounds.


Vibrio parahaemolyticus, proline metabolism, anti-microbial, molecular docking

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