Trần Đỗ Đạt, Đặng Hoàng Lâm, Phan Lê Thảo My, Ngô Thị Thùy Linh, Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân, Vương Hoài Thanh, Nguyễn Đức Việt, Ngô Hông Thảo, Huỳnh Thị Thanh Tú, Nguyễn Huỳnh Bạch Sơn Long, Hoàng Minh Nam, Mai Thanh Phong, Nguyễn Hữu Hiếu


Commonly used in Vietnamese traditional remedies, Vietnamese red Ganoderma lucidum (G. lucidum) is an oriental fungus that has long been known for promoting health and longevity. In this study, polysaccharides (PS) were extracted from G. lucidum using ultrasound-assisted enzymatic extraction (UAEE) method, followed by the investigation of seven single-factor experiments namely enzyme ratio between viscozyme and chitinase, total enzyme volume, pH value, extraction temperature, solvent-to-material ratio, ultrasonic power, and extraction time. Based on ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy analysis, the highest PS content could be achieved with a value of 59.71 mg/mL under extraction conditions including the enzyme ratio between viscozyme and chitinase of 3:1, total enzyme volume of 100 µL, pH value of 5.5, extraction temperature of 45 solvent-to-material ratio of 1:25, ultrasonic power of 480 W, and extraction time of 30 min. The extract obtained was then evaluated antioxidant activities by using 2,2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical scavenging method, showing that the half-maximal inhibitory concentration values were of 1729.64 ± 147.69 µg/mL. As a result, the UAEE method could be regarded as an efficient approach for antioxidant crude polysaccharides content extraction from Vietnamese red G. lucidum.


Ganoderma lucidum; ultrasound-assisted enzymatic extraction; polysaccharides; antioxidant activities

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