Population fluctuation of Paederus fuscipes Curtis (causes blistering of the skin) in the field on the Red River alluvial plain (Baigiua), Hanoi, Vietnam

Phạm Quỳnh Mai, Nguyen Duc Hiep



Paederus fuscipes Curtis, a rove beetle, belongs to the coleopteran large family Staphylinidae known with 46 275 species in 3 200 genera, 31 subfamilies. This species and other Paederus species somewhat confused with ants, but taxonomically much different from the latter. P. fuscipes is very common in agrosystems in Vietnam, foraging insect pests. Besides beneficial role, Paederus species are harmful to human health, causing  skin irritation called dermatitis linearis. The P. fuscipes species contain Pederin (C24H43O9N), it’s 12 to 15 times more toxic than a snake's venom but due to the small amount of exposure and only on the skin, it is not as deadly as snake venom. This substance mainly causes skin burns that can be mistaken for nerve shingles. At present, knowledge of life cycle and population dynamics of P. fuscipes in Vietnam is little. Therefore, our study aimed at providing some data on its life cycle and occurrence in the field in relation to its prey, contributing to conservation of this species for controlling insect pests and issuing warnings during its peak period of population


Paederus fuscipes Curtis, Population fluctuation, prey

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