To Dao Cuong, Doan Lan Phuong, Nguyen Van Tuyen Anh, Pham Ngoc Khanh, Tran Thu Huong, Nguyen Manh Cuong


The present research was aimed to study the chemical compositions of Passiflora edulis Sims seeds oil, including the fatty acid profiles, contents of tocopherols, sterols, and triglycerides. The seeds oil yield is 24.88% by using Soxhlet method. Passiflora edulis seeds oil showed high levels of unsaturated fatty acids (89.25%) with main ingredient linoleic acid (w-6, 66.94%) and oleic acid (w-6, 18.86%). Tocopherols (18.04 mg/kg), sterols (2935.35 mg/kg) and triglycerides (monomere TAG, 74.11%) are also determined by using IOC and ISO methods, respectively. The findings demonstrate that P. edulis seeds oil could be used beneficially in the food and cosmetic industries.


Passiflora edulis, Passifloraceae, seed oil, fatty acid, tocopherol, sterol, triglyceride

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