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The fungiCordyceps spp. which have been known as Dong Trung Ha Thao and their secondary metabolites cordycepin and adenosine, in recent years, attracted a great effort from many research not only in exploitation of new species but also the artificial cultivation and extraction of bioactive compounds for application in functional food.  Cordyceps militarisis nowadays successful domesticated and cultivated in artificial solid medium including rice, silk -worm, coconut milk and minerals. Apart from main products of fruiting body of fungi, the spent solid medium also is considered as valuable due to the high content of bioactive compound remained. This part is normally used for making liquor after a long incubation with food-grade ethanol. In this study, with the aim to obtain the concentrate of bioactive compounds with less time used, several methods of extraction and concentration were performed with the residual solid medium using ethanol with and without the support of heat and ultrasonic. It was shown that, by using 50% of ethanol, adenosine and cordycepin could effectively thermal – extracted at 65oC for 6h.  By vacuum evaporation, the concentration of two those compounds was increased 10 times with high recovery yield, facilitating for further usage. 


Cordycep millitaris; extraction; cordycepin; adenosine

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