Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology (V-JST), established in 1962, is a peer-reviewed journal published by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. The JST is published 6 times annually, in February, April, June, August, October and December. Special issues are also welcome, but interested guest editors are requested to follow strict rules including proposal submission, peer-reviewing, as well as Editor-in-Chief final consideration.

The Journal of Science and Technology publishes research articles, review papers as well as short communications related to both Science and Technology of: (A) Natural Products, (B) Materials, (C) Environment, (D) Electronics & Telecommunication, and (E) Mechanics & Engineering.


The submitting author have to make sure for his/her own result and to strictly follow following copyright regulations:

  • The work has not been published in neither being submitted for consideration to any other journal (except for its abstract, lectures, review paper or thesis);
  • Its publication has been approved by all the co-authors, and in case of need by the institution where it was conducted/supported;
  • If and when the manuscript is accepted for publication the authors automatically agree to transfer the copyright to the publishing agency;
  • The manuscript is not allowed to be published  anywhere else and under any other language without the agreement of the copyright authorized agency;
  • The copyright agreement by the authorized agency will be sent to the author from the other registered copyright sources.