Applied Methods for some Planning and Analysis Problems in Telecommunications Networking

Hưng Tuấn Trần (
Department of Telecommunications, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
November, 2003
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The dissertation deals with two important issues in telecommunications networking, namely
with network planning and with analytical performance evaluation. The main topics are presented
according to their elaboration order.
The first part of the present dissertation deals with the task of topology optimization for an
ATM network overlaid in the SDH infrastructure. The scientific contributions of this part are:
  • an exact mathematical formulation of the topology planning task for an ATM network to
    be built on top of the existing SDH infrastructure,

  • a proposal and elaboration of the practical solution for this topology optimization task.

The remained parts of the dissertation deal with numerical methods of two dimensional
markovian processes. The scientific contributions can be summarized in two groups. The first
group is concerned with QBD processes related issues, that cover the followings:
  • a survey and a complete quantitative comparison of numerical methods for QBD processes,

  • proposals based on extensive experiments for the issue of what numerical method is more
    advisable to use under given conditions.

The second contribution group pertains to QBD-M processes, their theory and applications,
  • an overview of the QBD-M model and its application range along with a survey on the
    latest numerical methods for QBD-M processes,

  • proposal of two alternative numerical methods for infinite QBD-M processes and of a
    numerical method for infinite QBD-M processes,

  • model construction for performance analysis of a node performing multipath routing in
    MPLS networks, of an ATM concentrator and of a scheduling mechanism in DiffServ

  • an in-depth performance comparison of some existing and newly developed numerical