Vol 29, No 4 (2013)

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Design, modelling and simulation of a remotely operated vehicle – Part 1 PDF
Hung Duc Nguyen, Sachith Malalagama, Dev Ranmuthugala 299-312
A speed estimation-based controller for three-phase AC motors having uncertain parameters PDF
Lê Hùng Linh, Phạm Thượng Cát, Phạm Minh Tuấn 313-324

Computer Science

A fuzzy classifier design method based on the extended hedge algebras quantification PDF
Phạm Đình Phong, Nguyễn Cát Hồ, Trần Thái Sơn, Nguyễn Thanh Thủy 325-337
New methods for calculating trend-based vertex similarity for collaboration recommendation PDF
Tín Ngọc Huỳnh, Kiếm Văn Hoàng 338-350
A prime decomposition algorithm for supercodes PDF
Hung Van Kieu 351-357
French-Vietnamese statistical machine translation combining with chunk alignments PDF
Ngoc Tan Le, Ngoc Tien Le, Dien Dinh 358-368
On some normal forms in the fuzzy databases with linguistic data PDF
Lê Xuân Vinh, Trần Thiên Thành, Lê Xuân Việt 369-378
Applying Bottle Neck Feature for Vietnamese speech recognition PDF
Nguyễn Văn Huy, Lương Chi Mai, Vũ Tất Thắng 379-388
2013 Reviewers PDF
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Table of Contents PDF
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