Vol 16, No 1 (2000)

Table of Contents


Brief on order-reduction for models: a critical survey. PDF
Nguyễn Thụy Anh, Nguyễn Ngọc San 1-14
On the Boyce - Codd normal form for relation scheme. PDF
Vũ Đức Thi, Lương Cao Sơn 15-17
About semantics of probabilistic logic. PDF
Trần Đình Quế 18-24
Continuous time system identification: a selected critical survey. Part II. Input error methods and optimal projection equations. PDF
Ngô Minh Khải, Hoàng Minh, Trương Nhữ Tuyên, Nguyễn Ngọc San 25-34
Optimization the reliability and the cost of computer networks. PDF
Hồ Khánh Lâm 35-44
An algorithm to detect region and its implementation in automatic vectorizing process. PDF
Đỗ Năng Toàn 45-51
Approach for making decision in clinical diagnostics. PDF
Đỗ Văn Thành 52-58
Broadband signal processing in space and time domain using radial basis function networks. PDF
Nguyễn Hữu Hậu 59-65
Software tool for signaling network No.7. PDF
Lê Ngọc Giao 66-71
Method of structural representation of characters using vectorisation. PDF
Nguyễn Ngọc Kỷ 72-79

Computer Science

Multistep state estimation of the fuzzy linear dynamical systems. PDF
Vũ Như Lân, Vũ Chấn Hưng, Đặng Thành Phu 80-88
Table of Contents. PDF
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