Tính lồi-lõm của hàm sản xuất một mức với độ co giãn thay thế không đổi

Tô Cẩm Tú


On the base of the theorem [4]: Necessary and sufficient conditions for the constancy of elasticity of substitution (sij=s) of one – level production functions y=f(x1, x2,…, xn) is djj +1/(sijxj) = dji, where dji the following theorem is followed:

In the region W ={xj ³ 0, j=1..n} the one-level production functions with constant elasticity of substitution s is:

a. Convex in W1 ÌW if and only if

b. Concave in W1 if and only if in this region to say   the least  of it     and

  1. , where

{1,2,..,k} if {1,2,..,n} and k=1..n.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15625/1813-9663/10/2/8172

Journal of Computer Science and Cybernetics ISSN: 1813-9663

Published by Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology