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Trinh D.D. Nguyen, Loan T.T. Nguyen, Quyen Tran, Bay Vo


In business, most of companies focus on growing their profits. Besides considering profit from each product, they also focus on the relationship among products in order to support effective decision making, gain more profits and attract their customers, e.g. shelf arrangement, product displays, or product marketing, etc. Some high utility association rules have been proposed, however, they consume much memory and require long time processing. This paper proposes LHAR (Lattice-based for mining High utility Association Rules) algorithm to mine high utility association rules based on a lattice of high utility itemsets. The LHAR algorithm aims to generates high utility association rules during the process of building lattice of high utility itemsets, and thus it needs less memory and runtime


High utility itemsets; high utility itemset lattice; high utility association rules

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