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Duong Huy Tran, Thang Truong Nguyen, Thi Duc Vu, Anh The Tran


Abstract. Frequent sequential pattern mining in item interval extended sequence database (iSDB) has been one of interesting task in recent years. Unlike classic frequent sequential pattern mining, the pattern mining in iSDB also consider the item interval between successive items; thus, it may extract more meaningful sequential patterns in real life. Most previous frequent sequential pattern mining in iSDB algorithms needs a minimum support threshold (minsup) to perform the mining. However, it’s not easy for users to provide an appropriate threshold in practice. The too high minsup value will lead to missing valuable patterns, while the too low minsup value may generate too many useless patterns. To address this problem, we propose an algorithm: TopKWFP – Top-k weighted frequent sequential pattern mining in item interval extended sequence database. Our algorithm doesn’t need to provide a fixed minsup value, this minsup value will dynamically raise during the mining process


sequential pattern; time; item interval; top-K; weighted

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