Vol 22, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Renormalization Group and 3-3-1 Model with the DiscreteFlavour Symmetries PDF
Hoang Ngoc Long, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan 1-6
Evolution of Protein-protein Interaction Networks in Duplication-Divergence Model PDF
Bui Phuong Thuy, Trinh Xuan Hoang 7-14
Phase Structure of Linear Sigma Model without Neutrality Constraint (I) PDF
Tran Huu Phat, Nguyen Van Thu 15-31
Néel State in the Fermionized Spin 1/2 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet on Hypercubic and Triangular Lattices PDF
Nguyen Toan Thang, Pham Thi Thanh Nga 33-43
Temperature Effects on the Plasmon Modes of Double-layer Graphene PDF
Dinh Van Tuan, Nguyen Quoc Khanh 45-51
Effect of the direct exchange interaction between magnetic impurities on magnetization in diluted magnetic semiconductors PDF
Vu Kim Thai, Le Duc Anh, Hoang Anh Tuan 53-58
Optical Properties of \(\text{CuInS}_{2}\) Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis PDF
Tran Thanh Thai, Pham Phi Hung, Vo Thach Son, Vu Thi Bich 59-64
Pulsed Electron Deposition (PED) - a Novel Tool for Growth of Thin Films PDF
Ngo Dinh Sang, Pham Hong Quang, Do Quang Ngoc 65-73
Measurement of the Yield Ratio of the \(^{122m,g}\text{Sb}\) Isomeric Pair Above the Giant Resonance PDF
Pham Duc Khue, Kim Tien Thanh, Nguyen Van Do 75-81
Preliminary Results on Prompt \(\Xi^+/\Xi^-\) Production ratio in \(pp\) Collisions at \(\sqrt{s} = 7~\text{TeV}\) PDF
Nguyen Mau Chung, Nguyen Thi Dung, Tran Minh Tam 83-90
Determination of GT-transition Strengths in \(A=34\) Isobars Using Charge Exchange \((^3\text{He},t)\) Reaction PDF
Nguyen Tuan Khai, Bui Duy Linh, Tran Duc Thiep, Y. Fujita, T Adachi, H. Fujita, A. Tamii 91-96

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