Vol 25, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents


Enhancement of Lasing Emission in the Metalliccoated Microsphere Cavity Based on Er-doped Silica Glasses PDF
Pham Van Hoi, Nguyen The Anh, Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Le Huu Thang, Nguyen Van An 195
Monte-Carlo Study of the Collective Behavior in Animal Group: A \(q\)-state Potts model PDF
Nguyen Phuoc The, Ngo Van Thanh 203
Superheavy Dark Matter in the Supersymmetric Economical 3-3-1 Model PDF
Do Thi Huong 211
Magnetism in the Interfaces of the Sandwiched PbTiO\(_3\)/LaAlO\(_3\)/SrTiO\(_3\) Hetero-structure PDF
Bach Huong Giang, Nguyen Thuy Trang, Tran Van Nam, Bach Thanh Cong 219
Gauge Bosons in the 3-3-1 Model with Three Neutrino Singlets PDF
Hoang Ngoc Long, Lam Phu An Huy, Tran Thanh Thuy, Ly Thi Tu Tran, Vu Thi Hoang Yen 227
\(\gamma e^{-} \rightarrow h e^{-}\) Collision in Randall - Sundrum Model PDF
Bui Thi Ha Giang, Dao Thi Le Thuy 239
From Micro Gravitational Waves to the Quantum Indeterminism PDF
Vo Van Thuan 247
Cross Sections for the \(^{nat}\)Zr\((p,xn)^{89,90}\)Nb Reactions Induced by 27.7 MeV Protons PDF
Pham Duc Khue, Nguyen Van Do, Le Tuan Anh 257
Mean-field Study of \(^{12}\)C+\(^{12}\)C Fusion PDF
Le Hoang Chien, Do Cong Cuong, Dao Tien Khoa 265
Appearance of an ensemble solitary pulse train in transient backward stimulated Raman scattering PDF
Nguyen Manh Thang 275
Research of Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithms for Processing Radiometry Data PDF
Vo Thi Lan Anh, Doan Minh Chung, Ngo Tuan Ngoc, K. G. Kostov 283

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