A High Q-factor, Easy-to-use, Broadband Ce:LiCAF Laser Cavity Based on Total Internal Reflection

Arita Ren, Empizo Melvin John F, Minami Yuki, Luong Viet Mui, Taniguchi Takaya, Yamanoi Kohei, Shimizu Toshihiko, Sarukura Nobuhiko, Raduban Marilou Cadatal, Pham Van Duong, Nguyen Xuan Tu, Pham Hong Minh


We report a design of a cerium-doped lithium calcium hexafluoro aluminumate (Ce:LiCaAlF\(_{6}\), Ce:LiCAF) laser resonator based on total internal reflection (TIR). This TIR configuration is established by placing the Ce:LiCAF crystal between two calcium fluoride (CaF\(_{2}\)) Pellin-Broca prisms. The laser resonator exhibits a 289-nm emission with 3.5-nm spectral linewidth and 4.4-ns pulse duration. Results show that the present configuration can be a high Q-factor, easy-to-use, broadband prism resonator suitable as a laser oscillator not only in the ultraviolet (UV) region but also down to vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) wavelengths where alignment is restricted to vacuum environments.


laser resonator, total internal reflection, fluorides, VUV

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