Several Physical Properties of Two Interacting Complex Scalar Fields at Finite Density

Tran Huu Phat, Phan Thi Duyen


The two interacting complex scalar fields at finite density is considered in the mean field approximation. It is shown that although the symmetry is spontaneously broken for the chemical potentials bigger than the meson masses in vacuum, but the Goldstone theorem is not preserved in broken phase. Then two mesons are condensed and their condensates turn out to be two-gap superconductor which is signaled by the appearance of the Meissner effect as well as the Abrikosov and non-Abrikosov vortices. Finally, there exhibits domain wall which is the plane, where two condensates flowing in opposite directions collide and generate two types of vortices with cores in the wall.


symmetry breaking, Goldstone theorem, Meissner effect, vortices and domain wall

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