Characterization of ZnO:Al deposited by co-sputtering for transparent conductive electrodes

Nguyen Tran Thuat, Bui Bao Thoa, Than Thi Cuc, Nguyen Minh Hieu, Hoang Ngoc Lam Huong, Bui Van Diep, Hoang Chi Hieu


Aluminum doped zinc oxide was prepared by magnetron sputtering methods at room temperature using a ZnO ceramic target doped 2%wt by Al2O3. The optical transmittance of the films is higher than 80% in the visible range. A direct bandgap type was reached by controlling deposition conditions; the bandgap value was in the range between 3.2 eV and 4.2 eV. Good electrical and optical properties were obtained for the films deposited by an appropriate co-sputtering of ZnO and Al targets. These films with a resistivity, about 1.3´, and a transmittance, higher than 80%, can be applicable for transparent conducting electrodes.


AZO thin film, co-sputtering method, resistivity, transmittance

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