Development of Spray Pyrolysis System for Deposition of Nano-structure Materials

Vuong Son, Nguyen Duc Chien, Truong Thanh Toan, Doan Tuan Anh, Mai Anh Tuan, Luong Thi Thu Thuy, Pham Thi Kim Thanh


In this paper, we report the development of the spray pyrolysis technique for preparing different nano-structure materials toward the application in thin film solar cells. The spray pyrolysis system can heat up the substrate to 6000C with less than 0.01% full scale. The ramping rate can be set to 100C per minute. The effective coating area can be up to 100 x 100 mm2. Using this technique, the thickness and roughness of the films can be controlled. The obtained morphology, the microstructure of the thin-films, given by scanning electron microscope, X ray diffraction…showed that the system is suitable for deposition of different layers of the dye sensitized solar cell.


spray pyrolysis system, dye sensitized solar cell, TiO2, CZTS

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