Numerical Investigations of Laser Diode End-pumped Solid-state Cr\(^{3+}\):LiSAF Lasers Passively Q-switched with Cr\(^{4+}\):YSO Crystal

Nguyen Van Hao, Pham Hong Minh, Pham Van Duong, Nguyen Dai Hung, Nguyen The Binh


We have numerically investigated, for the first time, the optical performance and characteristics of diode-end-pumped passively Cr\(^{4+}\):YSO Q-switched solid-state Cr\(^{3 + }\):LiSAF lasers using a rate equation system extended to multi-wavelength. Homogeneously broadened emission spectra of the laser crystal and broad absorption spectra of Cr\(^{4+}\):YSO saturable absorber have been respected in the investigation. A tunable passively Q-switched laser operation is also developed with a birefringent filter plate used as an intracavity selective element. As a result, improved understanding of passively Q-switched Cr\(^{4+}\):YSO solid-state Cr\(^{3+}\):LiSAF lasers has been obtained in broadband and tunable laser operations. Characteristics of the tunable passively Q-switched Cr\(^{3 + }\):LiSAF laser were demonstrated to be clearly dependent on wavelength. The spectro-temporal evolution of a single pulse emitted from the passively Q-switched Cr\(^{3 + }\):LiSAF laser has been reported.


Cr:LiSAF, Cr:YSO, saturable absorption, passively Q-switching, solid state laser

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