Conductivity in Half-filled Ionic Hubbard Model

Nguyen Danh Tung, Hoang Anh Tuan


We calculate the temperature dependent conductivity in the half-filled ionic Hubbard model with an on-site Coulomb repulsion $U$ and an ionic energy $\Delta$ by mean of the coherent potential approximation. It is shown that for intermediate and large \(\Delta\) the largest conductivity occurs near the special value \(U = 2 \Delta\) at all temperatures \(T\), for a fixed \(\Delta\) the region of finite conductivity \([U_{c1}, U_{c2}]\) expands and its maximum decreases with increasing \(T\). Our results are in good agreement with those derived from the determinant quantum Monte Carlo simulation.


static conductivity, ionic Hubbard model, coherent potential approximation

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