Experimental Verification of a THz Multi-band Metamaterial Absorber

Van Huynh Tran, Thanh Tung Nguyen, Xuan Khuyen Bui, Dinh Lam Vu, Son Tung Bui, Thi Hong Hiep Le


Multi-band metamaterial absorbers have been of great interest owing to their potentials for a wide range of communicating, sensing, imaging, and energy harvesting applications. In this work, we experimentally investigate a four-band metamaterial absorber operating at THz frequencies. The metamaterials are fabricated using the maskless UV photolithography and e-beam evaporation techniques. The absorption spectra of the proposed absorber are measured using the micro-Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy. It was demonstrated that multi-band absorption behavior originates from different individual metamaterial resonators. The thickness of the dielectric spacer plays a key role in optimizing the absorption performance, in line with the predicted results on single-band THz absorbers.


metamaterial absorbers, multi-band, THz frequencies


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