Constraints on the \(SU(3)_C \otimes SU(2)_L \otimes SU(3)_R \otimes U(1)_X\) Model from the Process \(W_2 \rightarrow t \bar{b}\)

Do Thi Huong, Nguyen Huy Thao


We study the process \(pp \rightarrow W_2 \rightarrow t \bar{b}\) in the \(SU(3)_C \otimes SU(2)_L \otimes SU(3)_R \otimes U(1)_X\) model. The production cross-section times branching ratio is determined.
We use the LHC data to derive constraint on
the new physical scale, \(m_{W_2}\), and the elements of right-handed quarks mixing matrix.


Left-right symmetry, New gauge boson, LHC

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