R-matrix method and the nonlocal nucleon optical potential

Doan Thi Loan, Nguyen Hoang Phuc, Dao Tien Khoa


The calculable R-matrix method is applied to solve the Schr ̈odinger equation
in the optical model (OM) analysis of the elastic nucleon-nucleus scatter-
ing using a nonlocal nucleon optical potential (OP). The phenomenological
nonlocal nucleon OP proposed by Perey and Buck (PB), and the two recent
versions of the PB parametrization were used in the present OM study of the
elastic nucleon scattering on 208 Pb and 27 Al targets at different energies. The
comparison of the OM results given by the calculable R-matrix method with
those given by other methods confirms that the calculable R-matrix method
is an efficient tool for the OM study of the elastic nucleon-nucleus scattering
using a nonlocal nucleon OP.


Nonlocality, nucleon optical potential, R-matrix method.

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