A Compact Device Model for Nanoparticle-organic Memory Transistor’s Characterization

Huy Van Mai, Olivier Bichler, Christian Gamrat, Yannick Viero, Fabien Alibart, Dominique Vuillaume


Neuromorphic electronic devices have recently been a candidate for new computing architecture associated with innovative nanotechnologies. A report of the characterization of Nanoparticle organic memory transistor (NOMFET) introduced a similar behavior to a biological spiking synapse in neural networks. In this paper, a refinement model based on the extracted parameters including a hybrid NOMFET/CMOS neuromorphic computing circuit and architecture of synapse to neuron interface by characterizing transistor -- memory and the temporal dynamic function is presented. A compact EKV model refinement serves as a link between nanotechnology process and circuit design for novel CMOS devices.


dynamics, hybrid integrated circuit, modeling, nanotechnology, neural networks, synapse-like nanodevices, EKV model

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