Coping with noise in joint remote preparation of a general two-qubit state by using nonmaximally entangled quantum channel

Dat Thanh Le, Hop Van Nguyen, An Ba Nguyen


Noise is unavoidable in practice and its presence makes quantum protocols imperfect. In this paper we consider a way to cope with typical types of noise in joint remote preparation of an arbitrary 2-qubit state. The idea is to use nonmaximally (in stead of maximally) entangled states as the initial quantum channel. Because noise changes the initial quantum channel we can beforehand tailor it to be nonmaximally entangled by introducing free parameters which, depending on given types of noise, can be controlled so that due to the affect of noise the initial quantum channel becomes closest to the maximally entangled one, thus optimizing the performance of the joint remote state preparation protocol. The dependence of the optimal averaged fidelities on the strength of various types of noise is represented by phase diagrams that clearly separate the quantum domain from the classical one.


joint remote state preparation, two-qubit state, noise

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