Investigation of 1d Photonic Crystal Based on Nano-porous Silicon Multilayer for Optical Filtering

Do Thuy Chi, Bui Huy, Nguyen Thuy Van, Pham Van Hoi


We present the fabrication, simulation, and measurements of 1D photonic crystal based on nano-porous silicon multilayer designed as an optical interference filter. Using electro-chemical etching with timely repeat steps of applied current densities, we fabricated a multilayer structure composed of alternating high- and low-index layer which achieved 90% power reflectivity at wavelength range of 1400-3000 nm. The simulation is relying on the Transfer Matrix Method (TMM) to design and predict the optical properties of nano-porous silicon multilayer as well as the relation between anodization parameters with reflection spectra. The measured reflection and transmission spectra of the nano-porous silicon multilayer show good agreement with simulation. This technique could provide a convenient and economical method to produce filters, cavities, and graded-index dielectric waveguides in the future.


transfer matrix method, optical filter, nano-porous silicon, 1D photonic crystal

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